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CPD: Surviving the 21st Century

Recently I went to the Cambridge Seminar for Business and Academic English in Amsterdam. There were several talks throughout the afternoon, but the one that really caught my interest was the one by Nick Robinson; 21st Century ELT Teacher’s Survial … Continue reading

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CPD: Collecting feedback from students

Recently I listened in to All About Feedback From Students, a webinar led by Michael Griffin (you can tweet him @michaelegriffin) as part of the Belta Sundays series. This is a subject that’s been on my mind a lot recently. … Continue reading

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Continuing Professional Development

I started this blog when I was studying for the Delta, it seemed like a good idea, the right thing to do. But I have really struggled with knowing exactly what I want to share here. I have read some … Continue reading

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Delta Conversations

Just popping by to say that last week I was pleased to be featured on Sandy Millin’s excellent blog. She has been putting together an informative series cataloging teacher’s experiences of studying for the Delta diploma. If you are thinking … Continue reading

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Instagram for EFL

Today I stumbled on something marvelous. After updating Instagram on my phone, I discovered that you can now make and share short videos. One of the first videos I watched was a girl reading a list of words. Fascinating right? … Continue reading

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Introducing English Voice

Finally it’s here! English Voice For the past few months I have been working on setting up my own company in order to work freelance in the Netherlands. It has been a bit of a journey – getting registered, connecting … Continue reading

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Delta Module One Exam

Ever thought about taking your TEFL education one step further? Have you been checking out the Delta? I completed the Delta in 2011 and can’t believe how fast time has gone by since then. I am in the process of … Continue reading

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