Continuing Professional Development

I started this blog when I was studying for the Delta, it seemed like a good idea, the right thing to do. But I have really struggled with knowing exactly what I want to share here.

I have read some amazing academic style blog posts put out there by inspirational teachers, very well researched and put together. I thought about blogging like that, but felt a little intimidated. In addition, I believe that there should be some kind of peer review or editorial support for that style, something to back up the authority of my voice. Maybe one day I’ll contribute to an ELT journal, but LanguageLego is not the place for me to write that way.

I have tentatively put some information out there that I thought might be useful for other teachers. However, I continue to feel uncomfortable with the idea that maybe I’ll come across as saying ‘look at me and how I teach, how cute am I??’

Then, I thought the blog could be my teacher diary. But I find that kind of self-reflection too personal to share. And I prefer making hand-written notes in my little red book in the car after a lesson. It’s always on hand to add to or read over (or ignore, as often happens!).

So, LanguageLego has languished unloved for rather some time.

But I’ve had an idea!

It springs from a combination of factors:

1. I have been teaching for 10 years this year – whoop whoop!

2. I have the Delta under my belt.

3. I am not employed by a school. I run my own business, which I would say falls somewhere between free-lancing and running a school.

4. I really miss being supported and inspired by fellow-teachers in a staffroom while I attempt to grow as a ELT teacher.

5. I have discovered the amazing online global ELT community, which I find most vibrant on Twitter (although there are some fabulous blogs out there too).

So here it is:

For now LanguageLego will be my CPD (continuing professional development) scrapbook, a place for me to collect my thoughts. I will post my adventures in CPD here, mentioning what I did, how it went and my reactions.

I hope that this will motivate me to schedule in some form of CPD regularly as well as to digest and apply what I learn, but that it might encourage someone out there who is new to teaching or might be feeling a bit lost (without a staffroom).

So I’ll close with a big wave to all of you out there, also doing what I do, don’t stop studying, growing and sharing!






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